YouTuber Lilly Singh pays for fans’ exams, rent and grocery bills in amazing act of generosity


The 29-year-old, who goes by the name IISuperwomanII on YouTube, is one of the biggest vloggers there is, racking up an insane 12.5 million subscribers on her main channel and an additional 2 million on her daily vlog channel. Last year, Lilly was named the highest earning female YouTuber by Forbes – but that doesn’t mean she’s left her fans behind. The Canadian star has helped out a number of her followers with their financial difficulties in a generous social media spree. To celebrate reaching 1,000 vlogs on her Superwomanvlogs channel, Lilly decided to give back to her fans. She tweeted: ‘What are some of the specific challenges you’re facing in life right now? Tweet me the details. xo.’

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