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Lilly featured in Marie Claire’s October Issue!

Lilly featured in Marie Claire’s October Issue!

Lilly is featured in October’s issue of Marie Claire apart of the Women Changing the Future. Lilly also answered questions on Marie Claire’s YouTube page:

“When my show got announced, people said to me, ‘Ohhh, two billion people are counting on you,’” Singh, 31, says of the pressure funneled her way, not just a result of her being a woman breaking into a man’s world but because she’s a bisexual Indian Canadian woman unleashing a much needed swell of diversity into an aggressively vanilla landscape. She’s also encountered fan after fan relying on her to detonate the glass ceiling. “I’m not viewing that pressure as negative, to be honest,” Singh says cheerfully. “I feel lucky to be in this position. I’m a minority in many, many ways, and I want to make sure that anyone, no matter where they are in the world, can relate and feel represented.”

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New Video + Vlog



New Video + Vlog

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Behind The Scenes Vlog


New Video + New Vlog!

Main Channel: I’m Getting My Own TV Show!

Vlog #1297: Made a Big Announcement on Fallon

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Lilly announces new NBC Late Night Show ‘A Little Late with Lilly Singh”

Lilly teased us that a ‘Big announcement” is coming later in the week, and along with her team.

Today she finally revealed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, that she *drum roll* has a new NBC late night show titled “A Little Late with Lilly Singh“. Team Super is so proud of you Lilly!!! Watch the announcement below!

Lilly Announces She’s Bisexual

New Video + Vlog!

How to Make a Migos Song

Drawing YouTubers Using ONLY The James Charles Palette

#12Collabs of Christmas: Comedy Skit With Dr. Phil Gone Wrong

Today Lilly gave us Collab #2 for her 12 Collabs of Christmas Series and it is with Dr. Phil!

Behind the Scenes

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The Perfect Christmas Gift | #ConquerCollection

Happy Holidays Team Super! Lilly released her new Conquer Collection merch, make sure you head on over to for a sweet surprise (💍) on December 13!

YouTube Rewind + 12 Collabs of Christmas is back!

YouTube Rewind 2018:
Lilly was featured in this Year’s YouTube Rewind.

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12 Collabs of Christmas 2018

Lilly posted on Instagram that her annual special ’12 Collabs of Christmas” will be returning on December 6, 2018

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It’s been a month since I’ve shot anything creative for my channel. But behind the scenes, I’ve slowly been brainstorming. I’ve taken time to focus on ideas that excite me, which is why I’m thrilled to announce my return with my annual 12 Collabs of Christmas. I love this series so much and I’m very grateful I get to execute it with the level of clarity I currently have. It feels so much better than pushing out constant content that I’m not completely proud of. After this series, I’ll still have some decisions to make about my state on YouTube. But I figure this is the perfect way for me to learn HOW I am the best creative version of myself. So… tomorrow my growth, reflection and creativity continue. Let’s do this! Thank you for your support!! Love you always ❤️❤️

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Collab #1: James Charles!

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Collab #1: James Charles – Behind The Scenes

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