Lilly featured in Marie Claire’s October Issue!

Lilly featured in Marie Claire’s October Issue!

Lilly is featured in October’s issue of Marie Claire apart of the Women Changing the Future. Lilly also answered questions on Marie Claire’s YouTube page:

“When my show got announced, people said to me, ‘Ohhh, two billion people are counting on you,’” Singh, 31, says of the pressure funneled her way, not just a result of her being a woman breaking into a man’s world but because she’s a bisexual Indian Canadian woman unleashing a much needed swell of diversity into an aggressively vanilla landscape. She’s also encountered fan after fan relying on her to detonate the glass ceiling. “I’m not viewing that pressure as negative, to be honest,” Singh says cheerfully. “I feel lucky to be in this position. I’m a minority in many, many ways, and I want to make sure that anyone, no matter where they are in the world, can relate and feel represented.”

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New Vlog: Seeing My Show Set For The First Time

New Vlog: Seeing My Show Set For The First Time NBC Sets ‘A Little Late With Lilly Singh: The Primetime Special’ To Introduce Late Night’s Newest Voice NBC Sets ‘A Little Late With Lilly Singh: The Primetime Special’ To Introduce Late Night’s Newest Voice

Two days after the premiere of A Little Late with Lilly Singh, NBC will air a primetime special that puts the spotlight on the newest face of late night.

On September 18 after the two-hour finale of America’s Got Talent, the hour-long primetime special will introduce primetime audiences to Singh as she partakes in sketches, interviews, games and interacts with the audience.

Singh blew up on YouTube and has found huge success as an actress, producer, writer and creator. With over 14 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, she has become a global name with her self-produced comedic and inspirational  videos. A Little Late with Lilly Singh: The Primetime Special will be produced by Universal Television, Unicorn Island Productions and Irwin Entertainment. Singh and John Irwin will executive produce. Aliyah Silverstein will showrun. Polly Auritt, Casey Spira, Sean O’Connor and Sarah Weichel will co-executive produce.

A Little Late, which will debut September 16, will air at 1:35 AM and feature in-studio interviews. Singh will create and star in pretaped comedy sketches and segments that jibe with the show’s digital-first strategy that includes splashing short-form content across social platforms where her audience lives.



Lilly Singh on the Latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter

Lilly Singh on the Latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter

While her name and face might not be familiar to the traditionally older demographic that tunes in to late night, Singh, 30, is hardly new to the post-broadcast generation of viewers who wouldn’t know a Jimmy from a Seth or a Stephen, let alone a Carson (of Last Call With Carson Daly, whose NBC time slot she’s taking over). For the past nine years, she’s been building her own uniquely personal, extraordinarily successful brand on YouTube, where nearly 15 million fans know her as Superwoman (the name of her channel) and consider her something between a star and a best friend. Her 2013 post in which she poked fun at women’s getting-ready rituals has been viewed nearly 29 million times. Another, the music video Voices in 2016, has grabbed 9.5 million. And an interview with Michelle Obama has 2.3 million. Even Singh’s more mundane life updates attract huge numbers, like the 2018 Instagram post in which she introduced the world to her new puppy. It drew more than 700,000 likes (or roughly the same number of people who tuned in to Daly’s Last Callbefore he called it quits, after 17 years, in May).

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Trevor Noah Interviews Lilly Singh for Interview Magazine

Trevor Noah Interviews Lilly Singh for Interview Magazine

It takes guts to compete in the battle royale that is YouTube content creation, and Lilly Singh—formerly known to her roughly 15 million subscribers as IISuperwomanII—is not just a survivor, but one of the platform’s undisputed champions. A viral sensation many times over, the 30-year-old, Toronto-born comedian uses her uncanny knack for spotting the absurdities of millennial life to write, produce, and star in snackable videos that range from helpful (“How to Instagram During Your Period”) to hilarious (“If Rappers Were School Teachers”), and which often feature A-list cameos from the likes of Selena Gomez and The Rock.

Over the past few years, Singh has spun that success into a live tour documentary (2016’s A Trip to Unicorn Island) and a self-help book (2017’s How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life). This fall, she’ll go where no YouTube star—or woman of color—has gone before when she takes over Carson Daly’s late-night slot as the host of NBC’s A Little Late with Lilly Singh. In anticipation of the premiere, Singh set aside her TV takeover for a quick vote of confidence from fellow talk show host Trevor Noah—not that she needs one.


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Lilly attends YouTube Brandcast & The 30th annual GLAAD Media Awards in New York


On May 2nd, Lilly attuned YouTube Broadcast 2019 in New York and on May 4th, she attended and presented along with Adam Rippon at the 30th annual GLAAD Media Awards. All photos are now updated in our gallery, Links to the album below –


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